This Presentation (the “Presentation”) has been prepared by Merchant Portfolio Management Group, LLC, an affiliate of Clarus Group Holdings, LLC (“Clarus” or the “Company”) and is being furnished for informational purposes solely for use by certain sophisticated  investors (“Investor”) in considering their interest in investing in merchant processing portfolios (Merchant Portfolios) and their residual income streams.

The information contained herein has been prepared to assist interested parties in making their own evaluation of the industry. The Company does not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain all information that a prospective Investor may desire or that may be required in order to properly evaluate the business, prospects or value of the Company. In all cases, interested parties should conduct their own due diligence and analysis of the Company and the data set forth in this summary.

Each prospective Investor, by accepting delivery of this presentation, acknowledges that this presentation contains information that is confidential and non-public and agrees that all such information shall be kept in confidence by such prospective Investor and neither used to such prospective Investor’s personal benefit nor disclosed to any third party for any reason.

The Company, makes no representation or warranty (expressed or implied) as to the accuracy or completeness of this summary or any statements, estimates or projections contained herein, and will have no liability for the recipient’s use of this summary or any other oral, written or other communications transmitted to the recipient in the course of its evaluation of the Merchant Portfolios.

This summary includes certain statements, estimates and projections provided by, and with respect to the anticipated future performance of, the Merchant Portfolios. Such statements, estimates and projections reflect various  assumptions made by the Company concerning anticipated results, which are subject to business, economic and competitive uncertainties and contingencies, many of which are beyond the control of the Company and which may or may not prove to be correct. The only information that will have any legal effect will be that specifically  represented or warranted in a definitive agreement relating to a transaction with the Company and executed on behalf of the Company and an Investor.

Neither this presentation nor its delivery to you shall constitute or be construed to be an offer to sell any  securities of the Company. This presentation shall not be deemed an indication of the state of affairs of the  Company nor constitute an indication that there has been no change in the business or affairs of the Company.

This presentation contains certain projected financial information that reflects management’s projections as to  anticipated future results based upon assumptions that are inherently uncertain, including assumptions as to the size of the market in which it competes, the Company’s market share, general industry conditions and other factors.